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I have been working with beginner and intermediate photographers in Hong Kong over several years to help them develop confidence, consistency and personal style.

A simple, creative approach quickly makes it easy for you to use your camera in manual mode.  You will understand fast how and why to use the trinity of aperture, shutter speed and ISO for creative outcomes.

A structured methodology for imagining and creating better images rapidly improves the quality and consistency of your photographs.  You will learn and practice in multiple environments how to see possible images and then use a 3-step approach to create the outcome you want - shooting with intention.

Experience on the streets of Hong Kong by day and night develops versatility and provides different scenes to practice the techniques.

Those skills are the foundation for all photography and apply brilliantly to travel photography.

For those wishing to develop portrait skills or focus on a specific style, I will develop a custom programme tailored to those needs.

For those wishing to learn creative studio lighting, I offer structured courses to understand how to imagine and create light and direct a model with practical learning and shooting in the studio with me using professional models.

I also offer basic editing guidance in Lightroom or Capture One to help you make the most of your photographs.

You can buy your custom 1:1 or 1:2 package with me online from the links below or contact me here or at to start the process.

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