Dan Cotton is a part-time photographic artist in Hong Kong, where he has lived and worked for the past 11 years.  Dan simply sets out to use his camera to make Art From What We See Every Day


Dan's style plays hard with light and shadows, with reflections and with natural filters and abstractions, whether working in the street or in the studio.  You'll usually find softness and drama in his work.

His love for the city of Hong Kong and its characters shines in his street & graphic photography under his tagline: This is Hong Kong. I Call it Home


Dan’s sells his photography artwork to customers around the world, and shoots street or studio portraits, products and events on commission private booking.  He also runs workshops to explore the themes in his work with students who want a different view of their photography or just to start out with some ideas. 

​Originally from England, Dan studied literature and languages at Oxford University and has worked for 20 years in fashion, trend forecasting and creative advertising.

Dan is a Hong Kong based artist 

reimagining his home Hong Kong

through his camera.

© 2020 Dan Cotton